About us

As an active group of people, we love combining our day-to-day activities with sports and workouts. Whether we were cycling to work, going on a quick run during our lunch break or doing an hour of yoga before meeting friends, we all ran into the same issue: where do you leave your dirty, sweaty gear?

Most gym bags are too bulky to carry everywhere. Carrying your sweaty gym clothes in your backpack next to your lunch isn´t all that great either. Apart from not being practical, these options don´t do well locking in smells, and once the smell gets into the bag, they´re a hassle to wash.

So we started thinking what the perfect bag would look like. Compact enough to fit in a backpack, small suitcase or briefcase. It would definitely have to lock in odors – nobody has to know you´re carrying your smelly gym socks around. It would be easy to wash to get rid of smells, dirt and anything else. And it would be super durable so we can use it for yoga retreats, obstacle course races and travel.

After countless sketches, prototypes and tests, here it is: the STNKY Bag. Quick, versatile, clean and easy.

Bye bye stink, hello STNKY.